Moooi Custom Collection

1. Pick your pattern

You can choose your favourite design from a library of patterns and adjust the colour combinations in order to find ‘the’ perfect match for your interior. The Moooi Works team has put together an assortment of basic and beautiful designs to finish your interior with a straightforward yet refined touch.

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2. Choose shape

Time to define the perfect shape and size. Select from the preset variety of formats and scale up to 4 m wide.

3. Pick a color

During the last step you can give the final touches to your creation by exploring all colour possibilities (648 colours available)

4. Final result

Within a few weeks after ordering you will enjoy your own unique Moooi Custom Carpets. A Carpet that actually has the right colour you wanted and fits perfectly into your interior with the right size, shape and favourite pattern. A printed carpet that completes your own style and harmoniously blends within favourite surrounding with a personal touch.

Create the perfect match