The Moooi Carpets collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.

Big Scale Collection

Nikodem Szpunar

What I love in my creative process is playing with the scale of tools I build. I constantly have a desire to make them bigger and bigger. With Big Scale collection I could expand my strokes even more and treat carpets as a canvas

Green House


The Moooi Green House Carpet Collection is a romantic ode to insects as nature's enchanting muses. With a Victorian mood and feel, this rug collection evokes botanical marvels where fauna gracefully merges with intricate flora, offering a tactile and sophisticated journey of the natural world.



Since imagination knows no bounds and uniqueness is not limited to someone’s status, experience, or age, Moooi Carpets collaborated with the remarkable 8-year-old artist Alf Bärbel Wit, launching an extraordinary carpet collection with Moooi Carpets featuring Alf’s signature line art.


Umut Yamac

Using paper as a starting point, the designs explore ethereal landscapes that exist within a single sheet of paper that has been folded, twisted and contorted by hand.

Mandalara Collection


Dadara Mandalara Carpets are created to be produced on our new high pile soft yarn quality. This luxurious material makes it an extremely soft and comfy carpet you want to touch and lay down on forever.

Tricia Guild Collection

Tricia Guild

Inspired by golden age of couture, exquisite painterly roses on a grand scale feature in this beautiful digitally printed floral rug. Inspired by the Designers Guild linen fabric of the same name, the kaleidoscopic layout bursts with vibrant colour and a cool mint green background creates a dramatic contemporary statement for your interior.

Marian Bantjes Collection

Marian Bantjes

Inspired by the concept of time, families and preserving things for generations, Eco Alliance contains two variable repeating patterns that find each other in a soft embrace, soaked in a sea of greens and blues. “In my humble opinion, it’s my best work to date”

Dreamstatic Collection

David & Nicolas

The Dreamstatic Collection was imagined as an interpretation of dreams, in a way that one could remember some details of it but never really figure out what it means. The idea revolves around a set of different patterns from various geometries that are inspired from old oriental rugs, however they reinterpretate them in a modern way while taking advantage of the high precision Moooi Carpet has from printing on the rug. Circles are circles, triangles are triangles and nothing looks “pixelized”. It therefor gives a clear image of the dream without really blurring out some details.

Remnant Collection

Neri & Hu

Remnants of our urban vernacular are often ignored or taken for granted. Our aspiration for this carpet is to recall the past, not for nostalgia’s sake, but to inform and to educate the future in the form of printed modern archaeological images that are oftentimes set aside for decay.

Liquid Maple Collection

Broersen & Lukács

Inspired by the beauty and complexity of life, this design captures a 3D generated network of trees that envelop you in their endless growth. How many trees are there? Which is the point of view? “Stop and savour the liquid seductiveness of this infinite abyss”

Fur Rug Collection

Valerio Sommella

Research for the collection began with the idea of creating digital images of furry subjects that could create the illusion of walking on soft and fluffy surface, but are in fact perfectly smooth. "I wanted to work on a subject that could make the best out of this amazing possibility to create a collection that couldn't be possible otherwise,” explains Valerio

Utopian Fairy Tales Collection

Noortje van Eekelen

Utopian Fairy Tales is inspired by imagined societies and extravagant future stories based on contemporary thoughts and wishes. Ideal dreams, that seem unreachable, but should be celebrated, endorsed and encouraged. The charming series places emphasis on principles of our fantasies in a variety of spheres and emotions.

Dazzling Dialogues Collection

Noortje van Eekelen

Dazzling Dialogues is inspired by the use of emoticons and their significant role in our daily communication through technology. They offer an enrichment in personal conversations, via a range of tone and feeling through texting that portrays specific emotions through facial gestures. At the same time, it creates an influential generalization of our versatile vocabulary, while the value of a human interaction is determined by its qualitative nuances.

Urban Mandala Collection

Neal Peterson

In Hindu and Buddhist symbolism a mandala is a circular figure representing the universe, communicating unity and harmony to those who seek balance. Inspired, Neal Peterson creates his very own mandalas based on the look and feel of cities that hold a special place in his heart. Each design englobes its own elaborate pattern and set of colours, yet they all connect and blend into each other at a higher level.

Kubrick Collection

Kit Miles

Raising tension and surging adrenaline are skilfully packed into Kit Miles’ Kubrick. This carpet design, originally inspired by the iconic floor design in Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining’, reflects growing waves of anxiety with a touch of neurotics. It seeks to capture the boundaries between tensions within a decorative, colour-rich pattern.

Diagonal Gradient Collection

Kit Miles

Diagonal Gradient embodies Kit Miles’ reflection on space travel, light waves and rays of fluctuating energy. Light beams produce different colour nuances that shift and resound next to each other, creating a dynamic pattern. The effect is that of a futuristic stained glass window to another dimension.

Biophillia Collection

Kit Miles

Kit Miles’ fascination with the rich synergy between plants and animals comes to life in Biophillia’s mesmerising pattern, a window into the world of plants and nature. Hand-drawn dragonflies, flora and surreal plants dance around each other bound to eternal natural cycles. The print is available in different colour nuances to match your natural taste.

Akira Collection

Kit Miles

Akira’s abstract composition and rush of pigments prompts illimitable flights of imagination. The non-figurative nature of the design, as if a neon-lit sleepless cityscape is suggestive of reflections of vibrant flowers in pools in a rainstorm; a blurred view from a rain-streaked taxi hurrying through a metropolis. Colours drag indeterminately into one another, giving a sense of motion, supercharging space with a cinematic quality. Tones are artfully selected combined to create a sense of richness, warmth, and texture.

Polar Byzantine Collection

Klaus Haapaniemi

The Polar Byzantine is a series of rugs based on an original poetic story written by award winning Finnish Author Rosa Liksom. Together with Klaus Haapaniemi they are also planning and staging the story and the fantastical arctic world into an opera where the animals escape the transforming nature into an Ice Palace far away from the earth.

Corinthian Check Collection

Kit Miles

Corinthian Check is a playful reimagining of elements of classical architecture. Orderly geometric shapes are loosely rendered in broad strokes of pigment colour, giving an abstract impression of what could be arches, windows and doorways. This large-scale design was inspired by the notion of a transient city made of pigments and inks. Rendering classical concepts of proportion with free and open marks and a joy of colours, a vast watery city looms as if it were a mirage in the hazy distance, setting a visionary, theatrical backdrop.


Our Signature design collection carpets are created by renowned names from the world of interior design, fashion, visual art, textile design, illustration and illustrative photography. Each on of our carpet designs represent their designer an the amazing world of its expertise and imagination.


The collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.


Get inspired by the latest designs from our ever growing curated group of designers and get access to limited edition carpets as a preferred customer.