The Moooi Carpets collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.

Forest Floors Collection


A collage composed of paintings, sketches, 3d scans and photographs from our sketchbook depicting the forest floors. It makes you happy when you take a walk outside into the woods where you see, feel and smell the different layers that are so typical for a forest wherever you are. Even studies suggest that people simply feel good when they see various aspects of nature at the same time. You instinctively understand what you see and you will always remember how fresh moss looks on a branch or stone, how trees reflect in a puddle of rain and how fallen leaves create a beautiful blanket of forest floors. With this carpet design we combined a variation of forest floors in one carpet so you can take that positive feeling you get from nature, inside your interior. So you will feel good inside your house, office or hotel even if a forest is far away.

Breathing Language collection

Andrés Reisinger

We are happy and proud to present another Signature collection by the visionary digital artist, Andrés Reisinger - ‘Breathing Language’. Reisinger’s fascination with the convergence of digital and physical worlds has led to a captivating series of digital artworks that push the boundaries of recombinant art. The ‘Breathing Language’ collection comprises a range of captivating carpets that exude a sense of fluidity and motion, bringing a dynamic energy to any space they inhabit. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology and the finest materials, each carpet is a testament to exquisite design and superior engineering. Whether you’re looking to create a statement piece for your living room or add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, the ‘Breathing Language’ collection is the perfect choice. This collection is the embodiment of artistry and sophistication, a sublime masterpiece that will infuse your space with timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance.

Pollination of Hortensia Collection

Andrés Reisinger

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the intricate process of pollination, Reisinger has created a breathtaking series of digital artworks called ‘Pollen’. And now, with the ‘Pollination of Hortensia’ collection, Reisinger’s vision comes to life as a series of exquisite carpets that will bring a touch of the natural world into your home. The ‘Pollination of Hortensia’ collection showcases the incredible beauty and detail of Reisinger’s work, with each carpet featuring a stunning image of the Hortensia flower in various stages of pollination. The result is a mesmerizing series of carpets that will transport you to a world of beauty and wonder. Crafted using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, the ‘Pollination of Hortensia’ collection is as durable as it is beautiful. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning centerpiece for your living room or add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, these carpets are the perfect choice. Experience the beauty of nature with the ‘Pollination of Hortensia’ collection and explore the complete collection.

Unseen Collection

Seb Janiak

Unseen carpet collection is composed of three magnificent designs - Resonance, Magnetic Radiation and Morphogenetic. The Resonance design series explores the study of sound waves and resonance to create stunning geometric shapes that harmonize with the surrounding environment. With every movement and vibration, the physical forms in the Resonance carpets come alive in a symphony of motion. In the Magnetic Radiation design, Seb Janiak used ferrofluid liquid to visualize the curving force lines of magnetic fields generated by powerful magnets. This creates a fascinating interplay between the jet-black liquid and its reflective environment, revealing a hidden world of magnetic forces. The Morphogenetic collection pays homage to the natural beauty of patterns and shapes created in nature through mathematical principles. These carpets showcase intricate and delicate designs that mimic the organic patterns found in the natural world.

Mimesis Collection

Seb Janiak

The Mimesis collection takes its inspiration from the ancient Greek term “Mimèsis”, which means imitation, and brings it to life in a breathtakingly beautiful way. The collection celebrates the incredible power of mimicry, which has been honed by evolution over millions of years. While camouflage can develop quickly within a species through mutations and selection, mimicry is a more complex process that involves three species: the model, the imitator, and the duped species. The Mimesis collection explores the intricate interplay between these three species, showcasing the beauty of mimicry in all its complexity. Seb Janiak’s Mimesis collection is a visual feast that captures the essence of mimicry through its incredible attention to detail and stunning craftsmanship. Each design in the collection is a masterpiece in its own right, featuring intricate details and bold designs that are sure to captivate and inspire. At Moooi Carpets, we believe that great design should not only be beautiful, but also meaningful. The Mimesis collection is a testament to this belief, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the natural world through the lens of contemporary design. We invite you to explore the Mimesis collection and discover the power of mimicry for yourself.

Blended Collection

Studio Rens

Endless possibilities of colouring, mixing and matching. Extraordinary colours are the hallmark of these rug designs by Studio RENS. Their unique patterns came to life through layered printing of the same colour with subtle differences in saturation and intensity. All two designs are part of Studio RENS’ ongoing research into the endless possibilities of colouring, mixing, and matching. A remarkable result of a process inspired by Riso techniques, thanks to the outstanding skills and knowhow of Moooi Carpets. Blended Collection comes in 2 designs: Blended 4 colours & Blended 5 Colours. The collection comes in five colorway's: Candy Orange, Cloudy Blue, Clay Green, Marble Red and Morning White

Fluid Collection

Rive Roshan

Rive Roshan has captured the experience of their daily moments of the mesmerising reflections of light and colour in the water of the IJ River which surrounds their studio on the Silodam in Amsterdam. The designers wanted to capture the calming effects of the water into a surface which can be shared with people no matter where they are based. The mind and body are fluid therefore the effects of looking at a moving body of water creates tranquility in our lives.

Trichroic Collection

Rive Roshan

The Trichroic collection by Rive Roshan adds subtle colour, optical illusion and movement to interior spaces through the combination of intricate shifting lines and soft colour gradients. The collection is inspired by the breaking of light through colour and reflection when viewed from various directions. Rive Roshan’s ongoing explorations of visually shifting objects are the foundation of the experimental carpet designs, and thanks to the outstanding printing technologies of Moooi Carpets a versatile colour spectrum is visible.

Colour Dial Collection

Rive Roshan

Colour Dial Signature Carpets collection form fields of colour. Inspired by the transparent glass Colour Dial Table that acts as an abstract sundial, the carpets with geometric compositions of circle, oval and square shapes, have a similar layered expression. Each carpet is an artwork composed of layered spray paint textures and transitioning colours.

Bubble Collection

Sjoerd Vroonland

A single soap bubble possesses an exquisite perfect circular form. When combined, beautiful natural patterns are created due to their ability to adopt a shape which makes the sum of their surfaces as small as possible. Upon closer examination, they are filled with swirling rainbows of color—chaos at its finest. These colliding patterns are caused by light bouncing into and out of the walls of the bubble and create a most magnificent array of colors.

Handwriting Collection

Kiki van Eijk

Kiki has spent her youth immersed in nature daydreaming and drawing for as long as she can remember. Inspired by the smallest details of the everyday and by the forms of nature, Kiki’s world is whimsical and colourful, lyrical and personal, yet refined by a rigorous attention to the process and skillful craftsmanship. Her design for the Handwriting collection is highly personal and very peaceful. It has been conceived while working in her home garden, hands in the soil and a mind at peace.

Ripples Collection

Andrés Reisinger

The Ripples collection by Andrés Reisinger show the fluid motion of a single drop falling into water. As soon as the drop hits the surface, a dance of scattering rings follows. Still water transforming into concentric circles that vanish when hitting the sides of the glass, almost hypnotically. The photo-realistic carpets carry the typical Reisinger’s signature style. Characterised by a conceptual approach, bridging the imagined and tangible. Ripples gives us a calm, fluid, and focused

Hortensia Collection

Andrés Reisinger

Based on the genesis module of the Hortensia Chair textile, Andrés explores the volumetric potential of a flat support. In this way he arrives at a composition that generates a sensation of being laid on a soft mountain made up of thousands of Hortensia petals.

Yarn Box Collection

Claire Vos

The Yarn Box collection is an exploration in the relation in stringing beads and bindings ribbons. It was about the essence of creating a basic structure in a pattern. The Yarn box stands for ‘playfulness’ skill of the hand, mastery of form and technique.

Ravel Collection

Claire Vos

The printed carpet UN-ROLL feels as if a loosely woven textile cloth is un-rolled and cut. Filaments are curled up and the colored lines are carefully arranged in to a organic shaped carpet. RE-MINGLE reveals the beauty of raveled & folded yarns coming together and forming ‘an island’. The ‘RAVEL’ collection is the result of research where printed illusion and the realistic texture of textile intersect. The colour mingling and gradients give this contemporary collection the typical Claire Vos signature.


Our Signature design collection carpets are created by renowned names from the world of interior design, fashion, visual art, textile design, illustration and illustrative photography. Each on of our carpet designs represent their designer an the amazing world of its expertise and imagination.


The collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.


Get inspired by the latest designs from our ever growing curated group of designers and get access to limited edition carpets as a preferred customer.

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