Access data

For a visit of our MOOOICARPETS-site no entrance of personal data is required. However, we do store access data to our site which data is unrelated to persons. The access data is only used for evaluation purposes in order to improve our products, product range and the information about our products.. We strictly obey by the legal requirements for privacy as determined by Dutch legislation.

Personal data

If you have chosen to provide us your personal data, be assured that such data is solely used by MCI CARPETS BV for keeping you informed regarding MOOOICARPETS and Moooicarpets-related products, MOOOICARPETS events and other related news items or for market- and opinion research. No data provided to us shall be sold to third parties or otherwise used by third parties, unless in relation to products branded ‘MOOOICAPRETS’.

Download permission

Without MCI-CARPETS permission no copyright preserved text or pictures may be downloaded, printed on paper or being transferred by any means to a carrier outside the Moooicarpets site. Professional visitors like architects, interior designers, journalists and other independent professionals at the discretion of MCI-CARPETS may obtain the permission to download pictures or technical details of our products and presentations under the conditions as stipulated before downloading. In order to request for permission professional data must be entered and shall be stored by MCI-CARPETS. In case professional data coincide with personal data, such data shall solely be evaluated in order to grant download permission and shall solely be used by MCI-CARPETS or parties engaged in the commercialization of products under the name MOOOICARPETS to keep you informed about products, product range or related products. No data provided to us shall be sold to third parties or otherwise used by third parties, unless in relation to products branded ‘MOOOICARPETS’.

Consultation / Unsubscribe

At any time you can request MCI-CARPETS at to be up-dated about the personal data that we have stored. For identification purposes an e-mail address must be used that matches the personal data as stored by MCI-CARPETS BV. You can unsubscribe at any moment.


If we have placed links to other internet pages the following applies.
MCI-CARPETS takes good care in placing (URL) links to other pages or sites. However MCI-CARPETS does not have any influence on the content of the pages or sites to which the link leads and for that reason does not accept any liability whatsoever regarding the linked pages of sites.


Although this website has been carefully revised it is possible that some mistakes may occur. Therefore Moooi Carpets would like to point out that the price indicated on the order confirmation is the correct amount owed.