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Rug Malmaison Guimauve S160040 gi 5
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Rug Malmaison Guimauve S160040 gi 3
Rug Malmaison Guimauve S160040 gi 2
Rug Malmaison Guimauve S160040 gi 1

Malmaison Guimauve

The Malmaison collection is inspired by the exentricity of the Incroyables and Merveilleuses as well as the revival of a proven Paris after the French Revolution.“Malmaison”, signature carpet of the season, mixes the rigor of Empire style and the folly of Josephine’s rosegardens in a modern evocation of liberty, explosion of colors, flowers and humour. Cheerfullness, chic and energy are the keywords to a collection of refreshing positivity.

About the designer

Christian Lacroix Maison

Since the launch of the Couture House in 1987, the Christian Lacroix style has been unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. Today, Christian Lacroix Maison expresses its dynamism and love for color via its lifestyle, fashion accessory and menswear collections designed by the brand’s Creative Director, Sacha Walckhoff and made in collaboration with several prestigious labels.
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