About us

Our philosophy

Seduce and inspire with innovative Carpet design.


In 2015 Moooi introduced Moooi Carpets as part of the Moooi collection, to make your interiors even more beautiful, exciting an inspiring.

Moooi Carpets offers a rich and refined carpet collection with an extensive assembly of unique, iconic and breathtaking designs and a wide range of carpet solutions. Next to a variety of Signature area rugs, broadlooms patterns and our carpet tiles, we offer carpet solutions for individual requirements. The existing carpet designs and customizing carpet possibilities are endless and open a world of opportunities.


More beautiful, exciting and inspiring carpet solutions.

How it all started

When Marcel Wanders (Founder of Moooi in 2001) came across the technique of digital printing on carpet material, more than 10 years ago, he realized that it was so groundbreaking that he felt it needed its own space to grow, without being absorbed in something else. Moooi Carpets was launched by Moooi in 2015. With the presentation of Moooi Carpets as a brand we could completely focus on this technique and creating a collection that matched all ideas and potential clients. Of course carpet flooring is also a very welcome subject if we look at how Moooi is presented and it was a logical next step next to the Lighting and Furniture collection moving towards a full lifestyle Moooi collection.

Moooi Carpets is a Dutch design company that specializes in producing high-end carpets and rugs for residential and commercial spaces.

Moooi Carpets collaborates with a range of established and emerging designers, including Marcel Wanders, Ross Lovegrove, and Studio Job, to create unique and visually striking carpet designs. The company uses a variety of materials, such as wool, silk, and polyamide, and employs advanced printing and manufacturing techniques to create intricate patterns and textures.


Moooi Carpets offers 3 product groups: Signature area rugs, Signature wall to wall carpet patterns and Signature Carpet tiles. Next to the standard Signature carpet collection we offer a customizable carpet collection within an online carpet configurator and the possibility to create Your Own Design Carpets.


Carpet Design

Together we creates carpet products with well-known designers all over the world. The Moooi Carpets collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love. The designs in the Moooi Carpets collection are timeless objects of beauty which possess the uniqueness and character of antiques combined with the freshness of modern times. With our carpet flooring solutions you create interiors decorated with an inspiring variety of patterns and colours to ambrace any kind of space and make people of different ages, cultures and personalities fall in love with their homes, office space, hotels and restaurants.



Get inspired by the latest designs from our ever growing curated group of designers and get access to limited edition carpets as a preferred customer.