About Moooi Carpets

At Moooi Carpets we´re driven to create exceptional products to meet the exact needs of your project, no matter the size, scale or specification.

Our dedicated team of designers, project managers and customer support work with you to develop inspirational flooring solutions.

Our ability to combine thoughtful design with experience and technical knowledge allows us to deliver high performance floor coverings that will take your breath away.

We introduce a new collection based on a revolutionary printing concept focused on producing creative flooring solutions for the hospitality, leisure and office markets.

Flexibility Process colour technology for custom colour control
Definition 76,2 dpi resolution for ultimate clarity
Efficiency Production on pre-backed material for low minimum quantities
Speed for fast project turnaround
Variety Available in different qualities

The Chromojet 800 printer achieves incredible divers yet accurate tones through mixing 16 basic shades and using 76,2 dpi (nine dots per mm²) reproduction to create an unlimited mix of colours.

Process colour technology has numerous advantages over spot colour printing, where each colour must be premixed:

  • Less dye waste, fewer cleaning cycles and less energy consumption. A more environmentally aware way to print on carpet.
  • Wide spectrum colour printing. Almost any colour achievable consistently and without limitation.
  • Small minimum volume. Accesible and completely flexible.

Printing on pre-backed material means accuracy and easier installation, without stretching.