Atelier Reservé

“Atelier Reservé gives an authentic touch that naturally occurs as a result of day to day wear and tear.”

Is an Amsterdam-based niche brand that has been creating one-of-a-kind garments since 2016.
The two ‘Reserve Boys’ behind the brand, visual artist Alljan Moehamad & designer Deyrinio Fraenk, are focused on bringing old stock fabrics, used materials and vintage garments back to life.

The brand’s focus is on redesigning and reinventing garments by using a combination of old and new blended fabrics, with uniquely designed Japanese and tattoo references. Not surprisingly, the brand’s design philosophy and aesthetics have led to admiration and representation around South-East Asia, with exclusive high-end retail partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan. The brand’s love for using vintage Levi’s garments and fabrics has also resulted in a long-term collaboration with the global jeans brand. For Levi’s, Atelier Reservé created various limited edition capsule collections, upcycling and reconstructing existing Levi’s classics. With these collections, the two brands appeal to a next generation of consumers who are looking for sustainable and unique pieces with a story, and who are not limited by conventional norms, fashion rules or trends. For Atelier Reservé, each item is genderless by nature and can be worn fitted, oversized, inside out, or anyway the owner likes it.

Without explicitly highlighting its sustainable and organic nature, Atelier Reservé gives an authentic touch to quality garments and embraces the aging process that naturally occurs as a result of day-to-day wear and tear. For Atelier Reservé, ‘one-of-a-kind’ means each garment has its own story with its own unique shape. All garments are made by hand, by a small team at a workshop in Amsterdam. That’s why colours, shapes and details vary. The consistency is in the love for handwork, quality materials and the free-spirited nature of the makers.

Atelier Reservé follows its own nonconforming path and invites its wearers to do the same.

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