General delivery and payment terms

Delivery and Payment conditions


Delivery and payment conditions for MOOOI-Carpets by MCI-CARPETS B.V.


“MOOOI-CARPETS” is a trade – and brand name of  MCI CARPETS B.V. established at ’s Graveland / Netherlands.

Products / Ordering:

MOOOI-CARPETS offers through its website the following carpets:

  • Signature carpets: A collection of ‘signature’ carpets, designed by worldwide well known designers.
  • Moooi Works carpets: Carpets designed by the design house Moooi B.V. By using the configurator one may change colour, form and dimensions of the carpet.

You may order through our website. All orders are accepted under these present Delivery and payment Conditions that are applicable between you and MCI-CARPETS.


Manufacture / Delivery:

Before terminating any order, you shall be informed about the expected delivery- and manufacture delay of the carpet. After having received payment your order shall be delivered and/or manufactured. An expected delivery- or manufacture delay is always indicative. In case a delay cannot be met, you are not entitled to any damages.

In the event manufacture of your carpet takes longer than estimated you shall be informed by e-mail. In case the delay exceed 3 months or more, you may cancel the order without any cost. On the order form you may indicate the delivery address; the address must be located within the country or region from where you have ordered the carpet.

On our website you will find information about our dealer network. In the case a dealer is located nearby the delivery address , you may also choose to have the carpet delivered at the dealer to collect it yourself later. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, delivery of a carpet is made up to the front door of the address indicated, or, if that is the case, up to the ground floor door of an apartment – or office building.


Price / Transport – and delivery cost / Payment..

  • Price:

The price is including VAT and other fixed costs but excluding local or regional sales or other taxes.

Not included in the price indicated are variable costs like, amongst others, costs for transportation, credit card costs and local or regional sales taxes or other levies.

MCI-Carpets is entitled to increase the price indicated in the event that before delivery sales taxes or other government levies are being changed or imposed.

  • Transportation – and delivery costs:

For any carpet you will be charged transportation costs. The height of the contribution depends on the size of the carpet and the delivery address. The amount due shall be indicated on the order form.

  • Payment:

We prefer payment from your bank to ours or by using specific payment facilities as in use like Paypal; Ideal or others. Payment by credit cards involve quite important costs; for that reason we will charge you a part of the estimated creditcard costs upon ordering which amount shall vary in accordance with the total payment to be made and shall be mentioned on your order form.


Delivery / Inspection.

  • Delivery:

We guarantee that the goods are properly delivered at the address indicated. So no hassle about that! However, you must take care that on your behalf someone is present upon delivery of the carpet.

  • Inspection:

You must check that upon delivery the packing should be in good condition. If not do immediately check whether the

carpet  is  undamaged. If not, do NOT accept the delivery and have the delivery company take back the product. In case of  damaged packing and/or carpet, do take pictures as an extra proof.  Do inform MCI-Carpets immediately by e-mail and provide us all relevant information including the pictures.


Right to repeal / to return.

  • Repeal / cancellation of the order:


A signature carpet ordered through our website can be cancelled until 14 days (a fortnight) after delivery of the carpet without any reason (hereafter: right to repeal). Using your right to repeal for a carpet that has already been delivered at the indicated address, you must return the carpet  without any delay. We request you to return the carpet –if possible-  in its original packing using the return-sticker. When you wish to use your right to repeal, you can do so by sending us your decision by e-mail to

Any delivery includes a return-sticker indicating our return address; all goods must be returned to the address indicated even when you have collected the carpet at your local dealer. So do NOT return the carpet to your local dealer. After having used your right to repeal, the amount received by MCI-Carpets shall be repaid to you within 14 days  but not before MCI-Carpets did receive the returned carpet in good condition. When you have paid by credit card, the amount received (under deduction of credit card charges) shall be return via your credit card company. Return costs are at your charge.


A carpet is NOT a small  ‘day-to-day ‘ item. The cost of returning a carpet can  be quite considerable.Return costs depend on the size of the carpet. Within the Netherlands the costs are about 100,00 euro excluding VAT. Returning a carpet from any other EU country to the Netherlands may costs up to 500,00 euro (excluding VAT) . Returning a carpet from outside the EU  may even cause extra charges for customs clearance fees. Returning a carpet is  at your risk; you have to insure the transport risks; insurance should cover the real value of the carpet.


Moooi Works CARPET:

A Moooi Works carpet is “custom made” in accordance with your specifications and choices. For that reason we cannot accept a Moooi Works Carpet to be returned; the right to repeal is not applicable for Moooi Works Carpets. Please notice that the color of the edging will be chosen by us and is not subject for repeal. We take care of the match with the colors of the carpet.



  • Sizes, representations and colours:

The specified size of a carpet may vary slightly by a few cm’s.

Images and colours displayed on your screen via the internet are indicative and can deviate from reality. This may be due to a slight distortion of images or colours by photography and / or video display in use. To avoid disappointment, you can if possible, before ordering view the same or a similar carpet  on display at the local dealer. For dealer locations in your country or region please consult . There is also a possibility to order a sample of your carpet, more on this can be found on the website.

Are there, in your opinion, the aforementioned slight deviations such is no reason to cancel the order or return the goods: MCI CARPETS accepts no liability for such deviations.

  • Colour resistance:

Over time the colours will vary or may fade particularly under the influence of UV radiation. No colour is 100% resistant to sunlight! Whether or not this happens and how fast is strongly dependent on the exposure to UV and intensity of use of the carpet. 100% colour resistance does not exist and is not guaranteed.

  • Wear resistance:

The carpet was tested for wear resistance and meets or exceeds the standards for normal domestic use.

  • Fire safety:

The carpet is tested for fire safety and meets the legal standards for domestic use.


Defects / Returns:

If a carpet has visible defects other than the slight deviations mentioned above, you must immediately inform MCI-Carpets by e-mail and detailed as much as possible the defect(s). In order to form our opinion, we like to receive one or more pictures showing as clearly as possible the defect(s). If we are unable to solve the problem(s) and no other agreement is made between you and MCI CARPETS, you may after having received our prior authorization return  the carpet free of charge; in this case applies what is mentioned here below under “Warranty”.

A carpet returned by you without our prior approval, will not be accepted.


Use / Maintenance:

On our website you may find instructions for use and maintenance. Please do read these attentively and do follow the instructions.  Failure to follow  the use and maintenance instructions may affect your warranty.



Our carpets are being manufactured with the utmost concern and using good and durable materials.  During normal domestic use and proper maintenance MCI CARPETS warrants the carpet FIVE years from the date of delivery on manufacturing defects. The warranty means that whenever during the mentioned term, the carpet shows manufacturing defects you are entitled to EITHER a new carpet with or without any extra supplement payment, OR reimbursement of (a part of) the purchase price. A proper appeal to warrantee gives right to the following:

Repayment purchase price:             Supplement when buying a new carpet:

  • During the first 2 years:        100%                                                    None
  • The 3rd year:                            80%                                                      20%
  • The 4th year:                            60%                                                      40%
  • The 5th year:                            40%                                                      60%

The afore mentioned percentage is calculated on the purchase price paid for the defective carpet.


Governing Law / Jurisdiction.

The agreement concluded by your order between you and MCI CARPETS is governed by the law of the Netherlands. The competent Dutch court has sole jurisdiction. If a dispute is not resolved by mutual agreement, either you or MCI CARPETS has the right to submit the dispute to the competent court in the Netherlands.


Version: November 2015


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