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Zig Zag grey by Edward van Vliet 207×207-72dpi
Tiles ZigZag Grey
Tiles ZigZag Grey Hexagon
Moooi Carpets Zigzag Hexagon Tiles by Edward v Vliet

Zigzag Grey

Edward van Vliet created a fine webbing of geometric lines on shifting shades of signature colours, infinitely repeating itself in space. The ZigZag series is intended to transform spaces with two distinct layers of randomly repeating patterns, creating a surprising depth and adding a signature fingerprint to spaces of any size. ZigZag is available in a wide range of colour schemes and combinations.

One Square tile 48 x 48 cm |18.9” x 18.9”

One Hexagon tile 57,8 x 50 cm | 22.75” x 19.68”

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