The Coccinella Bella Carpet is a Jacobean-like floral pattern enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. The design is inspired by the unique flowers and plants that were deeply loved by the extinct Rationalis Decoris Coccinellidaeis. More commonly known as ‘Coccinella Bella’. These now-extinct lady bugs only emerged from their hidden habitats during the full moon, when their favourite stripy leaves and poppy-like flowers were bathed in a silver glow. Coccinella Bellas were the epitome of beauty, with their vibrant colours and intricate patterns. While they all sported the same colours, their patterns were as unique as the stars in the night sky. Revolutionary printing techniques make the bright flowers pop and silvery glow of the night more prominent. As if your floors have a story to tell!
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"The people working for Moooi are the largest asset of the company - Casper Vissers." Moooi Works Moooi Works is a team of talented product development professionals within Moooi. For more than 10 years they have designed and developed unique products currently part of the Moooi collection. With more than 10 years of expertise Moooi works doesn’t stop researching and innovating to give birth unique objects of beauty. Moooi works continues building and growing Moooi’s potential with their winning team of talented people.

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