Always in search of new design directions and techniques, Claire Vos asked herself the following question; what happens when you decontextualize the versatile shapes and colors of nature, morphing and liquifying it into new patterns? Imagine a carpet collection inspired by the ‘objects of nature’, in which each individual design highlights a different mineral, organism or animal, such as the ‘marl stone’, the ‘tulip flower’ or a ‘Ara bird’. In this series, nature becomes fluid, and the shape of each carpet is dictated by the pattern of its original inspiration. With the ‘Liquid Layers’ series, Claire Vos created a design technique where the possibilities are infinite, resulting in a unique approach towards pattern design that surprises layer by layer.
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Claire Vos

Claire Vos started her studies in Industrial Design at Eindhoven's "Design Academy" in 1984. She worked as a trainee at Studio Benno Premsela in Amsterdam and Creation Baumann in Switzerland and studied her craft in Italy and Indonesia before graduating in 1990 together with her partner, furniture designer Roderick Vos. In 1999 Claire & Roderick Vos officially started their design office ‘Studio Roderick Vos’, based in Heusden Vesting, the Netherlands. They design lighting, textile, accessories and furniture for international design brands.


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