The Moooi Carpets collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.

Liquid Layers Collection

Claire Vos

Always searching for new directions, Claire Vos asked herself the following question Imagine a carpet serie in which the pattern inspired by the “art of nature” become fluid and the shape of the carpet dictates the direction of the alternation in light and dark color shades. She created a design direction with infinite possibilities were the flowing effect within the liquid technique surprises layer by layer, again and again. With Liquid Layers in a contemporary interior, you step into a unique colored pattern world inspired by minerals, birds, flowers, and the whole spectrum of beauty created by nature.

Bisanto Collection

Antonio Aricò

Italy is not a country, it is a sea of stories. Its imaginary is waved of infinite magic stories coming from North to South and from West to East. By shaking and mixing these stories come to life BISANTO, a collection drawn by the intimate memories of a child playing with iconic souvenir coming from his memories of antique ages. The idea is to transform the Byzantine Italy into a Carpet Collection by playing with drawings and colors. The result are Luxurious Textile Mosaics printed on carpets able to represent new characters and worlds. Each piece is “secretly” inspired by real Italian historical masterpieces that are reinvented starting from eclectic inspirations and ending into renovated traditions. Indeed, all the IKONAS of the collection hide a secret inspiration belonging to Italian History of Art, coming both from North & South. The result is a collection of carpets where bidimensional signs get mixed with 3D elements, where the mosaic become soft and flocked as velvet and heavy precious printed jewels becomes a as light as fabric. Aricò doodles becomes vivid icons, making Italian tradition new again.

In de Meadow Collection

Emma Larsson

The carpets of Emma Larsson’s In The Meadow collection are inspired by the never-ending wonders of nature. With whimsical and abstract shapes, the carpets depict mesmerising worlds of aquarelle art. The bright and soft colours are an ode to nature’s variety. In The Meadow is Emma Larsson’s contribution to bringing nature indoors, into your space, like ink in water. The intensity of colours creates density while maintaining that ethereal feel. Every day we are surrounded by an endless variety of colours, shapes, textures, and patterns. Every living moment our senses are treated with a beauty only nature can give us. And it gives us everything. It gives us scents and smells that keep us going or calm us down. Spectacular colours that fill our hearts and minds with hope and lightness. Textures and patterns that amaze and trick us. For artists and designers, nature is an endless source of inspiration. It has been so for centuries, and hopefully it will be for the next centuries. Nature is to be coveted and cherished, for it is as close as magic we will ever experience. In The Meadow, by Emma Larsson, reveals an ethereal world of abstract aquarelle shapes. Inspired by the beauty that nature surrounds us with every day. Inspired by nature’s endless variations of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures. Nature surrounds us when we’re outside, but with In The Meadow, you can bring the magical beauty of nature inside. Whimsical and abstract shapes in bright and soft colours to mesmerise every onlooker. In The Meadow is a collection of carpets that all bear the signature aquarelle-style artwork of artist & designer Emma Larsson. Her contribution to bringing the beauty of nature inside.

Lint Collection

Visser & Meijwaard

In our ‘Lint’ carpet collection silk ribbons are woven into a colourful graphic pattern to create a bold interplay of lines. Inspiration for our ‘Lint’ design we found in the rectilinear pattern of a traditional tartan textile, made by weaving alternating strips of coloured threads, both in the warp and in the weft, at right angles to each other. ‘Lint’ was created by playing with the materiality and the size of the threads and in search of the right colours to contrast but complement each other at the same time.

Pluck their Petals Collection

Ferry Schiffelers

‘Pluck their Petals’ is inspired by the greatest love tragedy whether he loves me – or not. Multiple layers of tulle petals build up a gradient of colour causing a mysterious, yet romantic and dramatic dimension. The technique of layering creates more depth and darkly shadowing in the creases, turning the carpet into a fantasy like destination somewhere between a dream and a nightmare.

Re-Cut Collection

Atelier Reservé

The vintage Garments are “Re-cut” to give a longer lifespan to fabrics and raw materials that are already in rotation. Redesigning and reinventing a combination of old and new blended in a unique garment with strong Japanese references.

Donut Fear Collection

Jae Yong Kim

It is a collection of Carpet designs that delivers smiles in a time where life isn’t always easy. The more challenges you face, the brighter and shinier your life tends to be. It gives strength and joy looking at these bright colourful creations designed by Jae Yong Kim

Monster Collection

Marcel Wanders

Don’t be afraid to step on it. It’s not as scary as it might look. Au contraire! It’s soft and colourful. Stroke it, feel it, dance on it. The whole Monster Family comes together on the Monster Carpet. As much as it loves its Family, it is also perfectly capable to life live by itself.

Sand Collection

Sjoerd Vroonland

We all have childhood memories of playing with sand on beaches, creating all kinds of creatures, shapes and forms. Something magical happens there in the sand which drives our imagination. The nature of sand is known for its fluidity and cohesion. These carpets show the intensity between its natural behaviour, its gravity and the manipulation of shaping patterns. Shining a light on what you want to focus on to reveal the natural beauty of the elements. Sand shaping is by definition a sensorial experience.


Our Signature design collection carpets are created by renowned names from the world of interior design, fashion, visual art, textile design, illustration and illustrative photography. Each on of our carpet designs represent their designer an the amazing world of its expertise and imagination.


The collection style is exclusive, daring, exquisite and based on the believe that design is a question of love.


Get inspired by the latest designs from our ever growing curated group of designers and get access to limited edition carpets as a preferred customer.